Hi there!
I'm Missy and I'm fresh out of college and molding my path for the next big steps in life. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and my big goal is to live and survive in New York. I love being busy and working really late into the night. I have a part time job as a barista, and I also work from home as a freelance seamstress. Currently, I'm in the application process to teach English in S. Korea. I cannot wait till the day that I can announce to you it's on paper and I'm going!
My most recent collection was a senior collection I did for school. It is currently being sold at Red Velvet in Springfield, MO. Cool right? 
The garments are completely sustainable, comfortable and effortless.
Right now, I'm working on a new collection to help raise money for Japan Relief. Maggie and I are so excited! More news on our collection in the future!

I love photography, riding my bike, design & construction, learning and taking a break to notice all the beautiful things around me. I surround myself with genuine, positive people who keep me motivated and keep me up when I sometimes feel down. I think we all need that.

I'd really love to get to know you too. I hope you stay a bit and do come back. 

an nyeong ha se yo
(Korean for Hello and Good Day)

Note: Through this blog I am an Amazon affiliate member. yep yep yep. However, I will never share with you anything I truly don't believe in or am seriously crazy about. 

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