Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm babysitting the most adorable love bug tonight. 
His name is Kippling and he's a miniature schnauzer. ahhhh they have my heart!
Kippling (Kipper doodle) is a foster puppy from the Boxer-Schnauzer Rescue of the Ozarks. Connie from TAME Pet Magazine is his foster parent and she is letting me spend some quality time with Kippling tonight.
Look at that face.
When he runs only his right ear flops and he has the cutest behind!
This is us taking a break on his walk tonight. 
If you're interested in adopting or have questions, please contact Connie
Kippling was found as a stray. Still, he's so kind, potty trained and doesn't bother you when you eat food. He doesn't bark much and needs a loving home. Even though I love every minute, I can't help but to feel bad for him being here. I don't want him to keep wondering if this is the place he'll stay for a long time and then it changes. He has good spirits nonetheless. I kinda love him already. I can hear him dreaming as he's sleeping on my leg keeping it warm right now :)I can tell he misses Connie. She's such an amazing pet lover. She's found good homes for nearly 20 rescues. She's kind of a saint right? 

Christiano calls him Keeper, isn't that cute? It works though.  

Good night lovely people.
In loving memory of Pepper Creed

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now Available-Cleanse Me Spring 2011

I don't know how else to say this, but my garments are being sold at Red Velvet and I really want you to go check them out tell your friends, and maybe even buy something. Here are some shop photos
This is the newest edition to the Cleanse Me Spring 2011 Collection. 
 It's a crop top made from the lacey knit and soy organic cotton jersey. The knit is the raw color and the jersey is dyed with walnuts. The trim (which is hard to see in the photo) in the middle of the shirt is cotton and dyed with madder root. 
I even made a little tube top to go under it so you don't have to worry about finding the right piece to go with it.
I'm really excited to be in Red Velvet. (211 E. Commercial St - Tuesday-Saturday 12-7)  Elsie, the owner, has been an admirable role model for me these past few months and is also a huge inspiration for this blog so it's really an honor to be recognized in her store. These are my first garments under my new brand MOMENTUM so that's really exciting too! If nothing else, just go in there and to shop vintage and handmade. They have the cutest geeky glasses there right now. I am in love with these...
I had absolutely way too much fun finding a way to take photos of these sunglasses. All the photos underneath are from July 2011 W Magaine "Listen Up"
Thank you for your support!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Use of Scraps...More Attempts at a Sustainable Life.

Quite a while ago when I was working on my senior collection, I went through a jury process in which a panel of industry judges come critique our collections. They tell us to make changes and what not and one of my changes was to shorten the lining on this dress.

The hem used to look like this... See it peeking out from underneath?
So I cut it off and had this funky piece left over. 
I decided since It was already hemmed on one edge I'd go ahead and hem the freshly cut edge and see what happened. It sat around my house for a while until recently. I knew it had potential but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to wear it. Well today I figured it out... 
I always try and find a way to use my scraps and I'm so happy with this new layering piece I have to add to my wardrobe. 
So next time you're cutting something, don't just throw away your scraps, they could a perfect addition to a new, sustainable look!
Wishing you a creative Monday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Dresses-Seriously Simple... & Sustainable!

Recently, I've been working on a lot of alterations for some extra cash and it has inspired me to do a slew of alterations on some of my own garments. I did finish them, like I mentioned and turned the all in. While I have a break between jobs I decided I wanted to tackle some of my own.

Some of them are really great because I can take a dress, make it shorter and then take the excess and make a skirt out of it. 

This is how the dress was originally. I don't actually mind the length, but I thought it was a little bit of an older look. I'd wear it to work if I were a teacher. I think it would make a good school outfit with the right accessories. weird, I might actually be a teacher soon.
 My first result. A cute, comfortable jumper.
All I had to do was surge and hem the bottom. I did a double topstitch to stay consistent with the rest of the garment. 
This is a skirt made from the excess I cut off. It was already hemmed, so all I did was add some 1/2" elastic to the top and turn it under and BAM, skirt made. 
I'm excited to wear these pieces out doing everyday things. Summer brings challenges for my wardrobe because I don't really like to wear shorts and pants are too hot. I live in skirts and dresses so the more I can have the better.

Oh did I mention I bought this dress for only 1 dollar at a thrift store!
That's .50 cents per garment. 

And it's sustainable. This garment was someone's trash. Their loss, my win!

Good day.

 Here are a few more I've simply shortened into cute dresses.
(I didn't take before photos of these, but they were both ankle length dresses)

I shortened the sleeves on the first one along with the hem and I love the way the second one fits. It was a perfect find. I feel so patriotic in the red white and blue dress and the should pads make it feel like something official is about to happen. :)

Both these dresses were only a dollar too! Isn't thrift shopping Amazing?

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my simple alterations. Can you guess where these photos were taken? If you have any further questions on how I did these please email me. I'd love to help! They're super easy and fast and with a little extra work you could even do them without a machine. :) 
Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This and That

Hi, how are you today? 
I went fabric shopping today... it felt so good to buy fabric!
psst... I'm in the process of developing a new collection titled ReVive... I'm so excited! I'll share more details later as soon as I can and I'll also be posting the process of the collection. I'm collaborating with my friend Maggie, who I admire as a designer and adore as an individual. 
She has pink hair :) 
Here are our finds from the fabric store...
This one is my favorite!

After, we went and got a coffee at Mudhouse. I got a trusty Americano and Maggie got some ridiculous pineapple frappe. When she got to the counter the barista said, "You want to do that thing again?" Ha, I love consistency. I tried it and it was... like whoa. 
(in a good way)

After getting all amped up, I came home and started a Massive take down (please say this in a deep, movie trailer voice) on the kitchen and bathroom. Christiano and I even installed a new shower rod and curtain. Yea, like hammer, drills and all. Not your everyday shower curtain. I would take a picture and show you, but something feels weird and unnecessary about showing you a photo of my bathroom. All I know is, it's the little things that can change the whole mood of a place. We changed from a black shower curtain to white and it's like....

I bought a font today for my new website. SOON, real soon it will be up and running. I can't wait. It's like a facelift online.. no, more like plastic surgery! Not that I want that in real life, but online.. yes, yes I do. I'll be sure to link to it when it is live. After the website is done, all my personal business and fashion adventures will be under the name 

My house smells like Honeysuckle today. I had to do something after I found an abandoned dishwasher full of dirty dishes and a load of laundry we forgot about that had completely dried in the washer. Gross! Too many bad smells. This is my favorite candle. 
The wick is wood... hence the name.. and it crackles as it burns. Literally sounds like a mini fireplace which totally blew my mind when I first bought it. Not to mention it fills the place with amazing aroma. I'd say it's a pretty solid candle purchase.

Anyways, I'm not sure if this post had much meaningful content but I just wanted to say hi and give you some updates.. mainly plug away shamelessly about my new ventures.  ; ) kidding.  
I'm off to work on my alterations. I want to have them all done by tomorrow!
New shower curtain behind me:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Night Live!

I mentioned last week that I went to Thursday Night Live in Jefferson City. It was so much fun walking downtown seeing familiar faces. Definitely good vibes all around. My friends and I started out at Tiki Hut, a nice restaurant with couches to sit down on in front. They're usually playing music outside too. Then we walked to the actual event where the streets were closed off,
bought our 2.00 cups and mingled. 
This is a hand woven basket made by artist Lana Dawson. She was the only artist with a booth there and while she had many beautiful paintings behind her, I was drawn to take a photo of this basket. I like Lana's paintings because she likes to mix fashion and art together. Makes complete sense to me!
I would like to see more booths set up for people to sell their merchandise. All types of craftsmanship!
Awesome is the only word I can use to describe this school bus I immediately spotted once I got there. Curious to what all the hype was about, I stuck my head in to see kids dancing and lots of bright, colored lights. 
Pretty much love this photo
If you're in the area I really hope you make the trip downtown to be a part of the event. There's live music and chairs to rest in. You can bring you own too! You can even walk around outside with your drinks if you buy a wristband (2.00). That right there is reason enough right? I think this only lasts through June and I heard this week they're having a Motorcycle Ride In.  It's really nice to see the downtown area coming to life so it's fun to be a part of it. 
Here are more of my favorite photos from that night...
Have a great Thursday! Thanks for reading

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Windows Open...

I'm feeling inspired by the summer solstice and being very productive today.
I've been in the studio all day, except for the break I took to mosey on my bike for a bit. I'm finally getting comfortable enough to just stroll, relax and look at the cute houses around here. All the windows are open in the studio and I'm listening to the construction going on outside. 

Today's todo list
-work on my application
-drape a shirt I've been dreaming about

What's on your to do list? 

Personal Productivity Tip:

If you work from home, I always feel like it's easier to get things done if I get dressed up for the occasion. I even put on heels if I know my neighbors downstairs aren't home. 
Today I'm having fun with black & white. 

Hope you're feeling productive too,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspiration Overload

These past few days I've been really inspired by nature, love and of course my magazines.

I just realized it's Monday again and I'm finding myself seriously stoked about new things I've found. This could be a trend?
Butterflys are always special.
The plant might be a weed, but I think they're quite beautiful.
I love the way this fades to pink and I'm absolutely dying over the speckles of dark pink in the petals.
The shade was bliss today. Thank you, trees.
This is at the nature center
(my mom and dad at the zoo)

New ads ruled my Ripping Pages marathon tonight. I found a few other things but these ones excited me the most :)
Ah, I want to feel this fabric so bad.. Looks amazing.
 I'm loving the wide seam allowance for the topstitches. It definitely works for this weight. 
This just made my day. 
New Marc Jacobs ad. I always love the photography and I love her two different gloves. 
Someone said she was panting like a dog, but I think she's a magic half of a body that's hissing in a crackled voice trying to crawl out of a table. And thats the magic of a photo...

I have so much more to share with you! I'll be back soon with more beautiful things from my weekend. 
Thanks for reading.

Have an inspiring Monday,