Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Use of Scraps...More Attempts at a Sustainable Life.

Quite a while ago when I was working on my senior collection, I went through a jury process in which a panel of industry judges come critique our collections. They tell us to make changes and what not and one of my changes was to shorten the lining on this dress.

The hem used to look like this... See it peeking out from underneath?
So I cut it off and had this funky piece left over. 
I decided since It was already hemmed on one edge I'd go ahead and hem the freshly cut edge and see what happened. It sat around my house for a while until recently. I knew it had potential but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to wear it. Well today I figured it out... 
I always try and find a way to use my scraps and I'm so happy with this new layering piece I have to add to my wardrobe. 
So next time you're cutting something, don't just throw away your scraps, they could a perfect addition to a new, sustainable look!
Wishing you a creative Monday!

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