Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Unfaithfulness

So... I've been a little unfaithful to my blog lately... but it's not by choice! I've been so busy. I know we're all busy... but I'm creeping on overwhelmed. If I had the funds, I'd hire an assistant. 


I just so happen to have had an awesome last 48 hours of productivity so I decided to reward myself with a little blog time. I like blogging. I like sharing things that make me happy... and even if I'm not getting that much of a response, I'm getting some and it makes it worth it. 

I've been absent.. but it's been exciting.

My life in photographs

Always something beautiful happening at Momma's
Found the perfect occasion to wear this vintage jacket I picked up in NY for Mardi Gras
Taught my new friend Aja how to serge and use a machine. I think she's going to get a machine! Yay for teaching people how to sew. We started off with some euro shams and she's a natural! 
Celebrating my friend Kaitlyn's Birthday at Cartoons in a sweet, blue VIP room. I never even knew the place was so big!
I deep cleaned the house because my parents came to visit me and I ended up stealing this corner rack from the bathroom to make a sweet reading nook in my room. So cozy! If only I had time to read all my books.... most are not even mine. They're the libraries.. they're way overdue! opps.
Where I spend most of my time, making a mess in the studio. See that calendar hanging on the wall? I received that free from Conde Nast in the mail the other day. What a sweet surprise in return for all the magazines I subscribe to. I like it!
My machine looking all creepy.. but she's not. She's actually very sweet. This was taken from me laying on the couch taking a break.
Having fun with a new camera app.. you like? I fall in love with my phone all over again on a regular basis. 
I miss these girls dearly. I think I might have already posted this on here... but I liked the filter effect and.. well yea, I miss them. 
But.. thankfully I have some lovely ladies here in Springfield that keep me sane when I'm not at home. 
I realized after I looked at this picture for a while I spelled her name wrong.. opps.. she still loves me anyways.
Currently, I'm super obsessed with Florence Welch and Florence and the Machine. Specifically Drumming Song and Cosmic Love. On Repeat. I think she's simply amazing.. and it doesn't hurt that she wears the most beautiful clothing. Truly an artist. 

Teach Abroad update:
My background check came in the mail. I didn't open it for like a week, not because I was nervous of the results or anything, just because how awful would it be to have waited this long for it, open it, and then find out it needs to be in the original sealed envelope. But tonight my dad called me and told me just to open it... so I did. 

No record of arrests for this girl!
 I couldn't remember of any anyways so this just confirms that. 
So now I just need to get my butt in gear, fill the application out, and get on the laundry list of things I need to gather for it. I need an assistant I tell you. 

I've got to get some sleep...I hear birds chirping and it's daylight savings time...and not the good one.. uhhhh. At least that means more sunlight in the studio from here on!

Thanks for comin' back!

Your doll,


Anonymous said...

yes! i move for assistants for all senior designers!!! -A

Missy said...

haha wouldn't that be great! Even things like running to the store to get a zipper and maybe some crackers would be amazing.

Lindsey said...

ahhh missy! you are great! miss you and love reading about your adventures :-) keep up the good work!

peace & love,

Missy said...

Thank you, you're so sweet! I miss you as well and I'm likewise a fan.