Friday, June 24, 2011

This and That

Hi, how are you today? 
I went fabric shopping today... it felt so good to buy fabric!
psst... I'm in the process of developing a new collection titled ReVive... I'm so excited! I'll share more details later as soon as I can and I'll also be posting the process of the collection. I'm collaborating with my friend Maggie, who I admire as a designer and adore as an individual. 
She has pink hair :) 
Here are our finds from the fabric store...
This one is my favorite!

After, we went and got a coffee at Mudhouse. I got a trusty Americano and Maggie got some ridiculous pineapple frappe. When she got to the counter the barista said, "You want to do that thing again?" Ha, I love consistency. I tried it and it was... like whoa. 
(in a good way)

After getting all amped up, I came home and started a Massive take down (please say this in a deep, movie trailer voice) on the kitchen and bathroom. Christiano and I even installed a new shower rod and curtain. Yea, like hammer, drills and all. Not your everyday shower curtain. I would take a picture and show you, but something feels weird and unnecessary about showing you a photo of my bathroom. All I know is, it's the little things that can change the whole mood of a place. We changed from a black shower curtain to white and it's like....

I bought a font today for my new website. SOON, real soon it will be up and running. I can't wait. It's like a facelift online.. no, more like plastic surgery! Not that I want that in real life, but online.. yes, yes I do. I'll be sure to link to it when it is live. After the website is done, all my personal business and fashion adventures will be under the name 

My house smells like Honeysuckle today. I had to do something after I found an abandoned dishwasher full of dirty dishes and a load of laundry we forgot about that had completely dried in the washer. Gross! Too many bad smells. This is my favorite candle. 
The wick is wood... hence the name.. and it crackles as it burns. Literally sounds like a mini fireplace which totally blew my mind when I first bought it. Not to mention it fills the place with amazing aroma. I'd say it's a pretty solid candle purchase.

Anyways, I'm not sure if this post had much meaningful content but I just wanted to say hi and give you some updates.. mainly plug away shamelessly about my new ventures.  ; ) kidding.  
I'm off to work on my alterations. I want to have them all done by tomorrow!
New shower curtain behind me:)


Anonymous said...

glad you and maggie are working on a collection...we are all excited to see the show in Sept.....Love maggie's pink's easy to find her in really maggie has ALWAYS forged her own way in the world...since she was a

Missy said...

I can only imagine. I got Samara to say bye to me the other day :) Thanks for the comment!