Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bike Errands

I love running errands on my bike. I of course just love riding, but when Christiano and I set out with a purpose it's like a double whammy! Productive and leisurely.

Yesterday I had business to do at the post office.
2. Mail a White Bark Hill bag
3. Buy Stamps

I always like to wear something cute when riding my bike because.. why not?

I found this really cute hair tutorial and so I decided to try it out. Here's what I came up with as my riding hair piece. 
This is my shower curtain behind me... I already got tired of the plain white so I decided to hang some of my grandma's scarves to add color. It makes me really happy.. for now at least :)
Decided to ditch the glasses for some photos.
I thought it was maybe a little too tall for bike riding. I envisioned my hair doing something like Marge Simpson's flying back in the wind so I revised a bit before we set out.
Works for Marge, not so much for me. 
Here are some photos from our ride...
Self photo taken while Christiano puts air in my tires
Organization Rules!
I just want to sing when I'm riding sometimes
I had Christiano take lots of photos on me on my bike. I've finally conquered getting on and taking off like a pro (well most of the time) and I'm really proud of it. Ha! It's the little things. 
We Made It!
I unfortunately filled these forms out for nothing. First, I have to get a new birth certificate and I can only do that in Jeff City because I'm adopted. (different procedures for that I guess) BUT that's ok because I'm going there this weekend anyways for my friends' wedding shower! Christiano, however, successfully got his along with some pretty rad passport photos. 
The sun felt soooo good!
Hope you're having a great day.
Im craving Soo's Korean! later gator!

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