Friday, September 2, 2011

In with the new, out with the old...

I've Moved...
I'm seriously excited to show you my new website and blog, Sponge Doll will no longer be updated but I think you'll like this one better anway ;) Please come see me and say hi at my new home. eeekkk!

exhausted and excited all at the same time,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pushing through...

 I've been workin' my butt off. Be back soon after a short break with news about TWO new collections, and my new website! I can't wait to share it with you!

Have a great weekend!

(sign found at Jimmy Johns)

Monday, August 22, 2011


Two nights ago I worked a party at The Savoy for their 1 year anniversary. The Savoy is here on C-st. They give dancing lessons and it's also an event center. Super beautiful inside. 
I handed out Big Momma's sandwiches and brownies... yea brownies still warm from the oven. I had the most popular table in the house.
(hard to see, but those are nearly empty trays of sandwich quarters)
But then something amazing happened after all the dancing and eating was drawing to a close. Bella Donna (only my favorite local band ever) started playing the song from Triplets of Belleville (only one of my favorite movies ever). It was so much fun!
This is when I experienced synchronicity.
What's that mean? Well it's defined as this:
I found this moment in time to be pretty cool. It was a perfect close to a long day of sewing. It's weird how things happen, you know?
Just thought I'd share. Be on the look out for something magical to happen to you this week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just had to show you,
Look how cute Grace is...
I love these photos, they kinda make my day. Aww I miss my Grace!
To see more on Grace's skirt go here.

Hope you're having a great day so far. Christiano said he would take to me the Kettle for breakfast. Now, I'm just waiting for him to get up and resisting any food in the kitchen. After that, I'm sewing all day long. I have the day off and I'm about to make a Huge mess!

Lot's of love,

Monday, August 15, 2011

A pegged skirt kind of week...

Ok so I've been debating in my mind about doing outfit posts. You know, a post solely based on what I'm wearing that day. I've said no for while, even though I enjoy seeing other bloggers outfit posts, I feel conceited placing myself in the same position. But you know what? Today, I thought about it some more and I'm just going to. I mean, it is kinda what I do. Fashion and all, that is.

I have a lot of fun getting dressed. I think about garments all day long. So why not?

Most days I'll wear what I want and what feels good, but I also want other people to like it... or maybe they don't, but I want it to be interesting. Most days.

  I believe we dress for other people as much as we dress for ourselves.

What I wore...
I found this skirt last summer and I still love it. I'm a sucker for pegged skirts, but sometimes they don't work on me. This one always works, I feel. Plus the print and color are really fun. I paired it with my mom's pink striped shirt to play with patterns. And I usually don't go for a matchy-matchy shoe, but I just felt like it this day. I swear I walked out of the house with this skirt on three times last week. Not this exact pairing, but I get obsessive sometimes and this skirt was my most recent victim.

Oh I almost forgot. I LOVE this door! It's my favorite door ever! It only makes sense that my first outfit post be in front of it :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Places in Springfield Part 2

Hi again!
Came back for part two I see? Yeeaaa! hey, thanks.

Ok so let's get on with it because I'm really excited about these places.

6. Soo's Korean
(3644 S. Campbell)
You. Just. Gotta. Go
 Sooooo Good. (did any one get that? eh yea, I know it was cheap)

7. Sewing Machine's Express
(3650 S. Campbell)
I love these ladies. They're all so nice and helpful. They always fix my machine :)
Oh and did you notice how close they are to Soo's? A coincidence? I think not. They saw me comin'. Hook line and sink 'er!

8. The Moxie
(431 S. Jefferson #108)
 Ok you've seen the logo, but have you been?
We don't go here often enough, but that makes each time we do go really special. I like the cozy theaters and the fact you can order a beer here. Oh yea, and the independent films. :)
9. Akins Natural Foods
(1344 E. Battlefield)
yea, mama jeans is cool and all, but I love Akins. As things run out, I'm slowly purchasing more and more natural products for my home. The staff really knows their stuff and I appreciate that. (this is not solely a Springfield treasure; it's a chain. But, it totally makes the cut and had to be on this list. Plus, I've never been to another one, therefore they do not exist. Kidding)
These are two things that are on my Akins Wish List:
 Cast Paper: You send a card to someone, they plant the card, flowers bloom. Bam! Amazing.
 Bach Oils: Still learning about them, but they seem like a nice alternative to medicine.

10. Japanese Stroll Gardens
(2400 S. Scenic Dr)
 So beautiful, so serene. I love going here to see the wonderful landscaping and feed coy fish.  Does anyone know if the meditation garden is complete yet?
Seriously, out of all my favorites, if you haven't been here you really need to go. It is exquisite. Absolutely Lovely.

So that wraps my Top Ten Favorite Places in Springfield up! If you missed it, you can go here to see Part 1
If you're not living here, I hope you can make it this way and stop by to enjoy some of these establishments. I visit them all the time and they really make my living experience a lovely one. 

Thanks for coming to see my favs!

 Happy Days!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Places in Springfield Part 1

I've been thinking a lot about moving lately, and I've been thinking about how I should absorb all that I can of the places I love in Springfield before I leave. I know all I can do is think about how I miss the city and I'm ready to get out, but I know one day, I will miss Springfield.

Here is my 5-year curated list of the places I adore the most in the 417:

1. FM Store
(Sunshine and Fremont)
Warning: This might happen to you if you spend too much time in there! (This is only part of my stash) Not saying that's a bad thing, just saying. 
You have to go in here ready to dig. You have to like digging... and most of us fabric addicts do... so it's pretty wonderful.
2. Springfield Leather Company 
(1463 S. Glenstone)
I seriously flipped out the first time I went in here. One side is all leather and skins, the other side is a jewelery maker's haven. Seriously. Knowledgeable staff, I've learned a lot from them. No photo here, but I promise, it will be a feast for your eyes once you get there. Oh, and hands... lot's of great textures!

3. Nature Center
(4601 South Nature Center Way)
Christiano and I love to go here together. This is one of my favorite memories of a walk we took last fall.
Once I went there and it looked closed because it was winter, but I saw a woman walk in around the gate, so I followed. Then I ran into a man and asked him if we weren't supposed to be in here and he said, "Oh no, it's perfectly fine!" He's been doing it for years. People just have to know there is no one working at the time. So if that happens to you, just walk on in. It's a beautiful place.

4. Good Girl Art
(325 E. Walnut St #101)
So much fun! It was here that I saw the first painting that ever made me cry. And, last week I found this sweet hamburger purse. Oh, did I mention they hand out free wine during First Friday Art Walk? It's kind of spectacular.
5. Whistler's
(208 W. McDaniel St)
There's also one in Carthage, MO too!
I get a Turkey burger and Veggie, Christiano likes the double sow and cow and just the regular double cheeseburger. Really tasty, really fast, open late, and super affordable. PLUS they now have fries,
 and an upstairs dining area with A/C.
Whistler's is gettin' fancy!

From the looks of it, I mainly just get excited about burgers... :)
Not really though, just Whistler's and purses that look like them.

Tomorrow I'll have five more places for you!
If you're in the area, what's your favorite "can pretty much only get in Springfield" place?

Have a great evening! I'm going to indulge in some frozen liquor drinks here in a bit with a few other mad sewers! Wouldn't you like to be at that table?! haha I can't wait!