Friday, December 24, 2010

Loves I just gotta share!

eos Lip Balm
These little lip balm balls have captured my heart and landed on my lips! They're 95% organic and 100% natural (USDA certified) I'm currently trying the Lemon Drop flavor which is the only one in the collection that has SPF 15. Can't wait till I get my hands on their sweet mint! I purchased mine at the checkout line in Wal-Mart but you can also find them here
have you ever had an "I love exacto knives, there is just nothing else in this world that could do exactly what I need it to do the way this little thing does" moment? me too.. until i saw this little beauty.
you better believe it an even more precise way to cut. to see these tomcats in action go here.

My first quiche and scones! had to share because I'm really proud of them and the only place you can find these are at Big Mommas Coffee and Espresso

Photo I snapped at Lindbergs while watching a local band. We love the snowflake!

Surge Skincare! Affordable and Organic! I think these will go on my Christmas Wish List to Self.
Les Triplets De Belleville
If you're a visual person, like me, you'll love this! I had so much fun watching this!
Can't wait for The Illusionist!

Biodegradable trash bags

tall kitchen1.jpgm-pr.cfm.jpgcompostable-trash-bag-group-lg.jpg
I have always believed that if you're going to get everyone to recycle, it has to be easy! Well even though using this doesn't mean we're all recycling, it does mean that we're all being friendly. Here's how I see it, you've gotta buy trash bags anyways, and as my geology professor told me all this trash needs certain elements to finally break down. Well, they can't do that very well stuffed in a plastic liner for hundreds of thousands of millions of years. So if you're looking for a way to be green, but haven't made the leap yet to sort and recycle, try these biodegradable bags. If it's not already evident, Elysse Biaca does a great job of simply explaining the benefits to using these here

I have so much more to tell you guys but I'm just going to save that for another blog!

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