Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pieces of Excitement!

I love my new ring!

Thanks Amie!
These can be found at....

And oh my gosh, if when you go here, I seriously recommend checking out the Thymes line they carry. My favorite scent is naia... and I mean in everything, soap, bath wash, candles... anything. SO good.

Favorite yoga poses...right now
Up Dog
A pose that immediately feels relaxing..ahhh Sometimes I even get behind in my podcast because I'm sitting here for so long!

Reverse Warrior
Alright, I think hers might look much better than mine, but you get the idea. Feels great to stretch out those ribs!

Half Pigeon
Oh gees, I can't even being to explain. I can't pick just one favorite, but this one is amazing. You start from Up Dog, and then bringing your knee to the outside of your shoulder and begin slowly breathing down to the floor. As my instructor says, "We hold a lot of emotion in our hips," and this defiantly releases them.

Bound Triangle
I love this one because it's the only bind I can do (for now), and it's just so satisfying. In yoga, sometimes, you just gotta smile, and this one always makes me smile at the ceiling! Goes without saying, but it's amazing!

**Sorry these are someone else's photos, but are you kidding me? I will not be showing myself in these positions. There will have to be many more practices for that to happen...well, and a photographer :)

I have found made time for yoga this week and every time I go without yoga for a while, I think to myself once I start breathing, “Why did it take me so long to get back here! Why do I wait so long sometimes?"

It's kinda that way sometimes with my girlfriends! I had a wonderful time with these lovely ladies to celebrate my 22nd and I cant tell you how good it felt to be back with all of them… again I ask myself, “Why did it take me so long to get back here!” 
-Winnie the Pooh
(that's right, I just quoted Winnie the Pooh)

  Wide leg pants are back! So excited!

ahhh! I plan to still wear my leggings from time to time (they're just so dang comfortable), but cheers to all of us that can't/shouldn't do the skinny jean!

Sorry it's taken so long for a new post.. The problem is, I just have so much I want to share and I try to put it all on one blog.. well I'm learning that just takes too long. So from here on out, shorter, more frequent blogs!

Your Doll,

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