Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashion-Pieces of Excitement!

Ok, sorry I've been away. But, I'm back today with tons of stuff!
First let me just get these out of my system, so beautiful!

Like whoa..

To see more designs by Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry go here

 Pre-Fall 2011 Loves

Emilio Pucci
I just think these colors are just so stunning and the pants.. perfect. 
Some more truly wonderful pants...
and I just thought this was beautiful.
Carolina Herrera
oh, stop it!
great jacket
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Ok good, now I feel better.
 I'll be back later with some thoughts that have been running viciously around my head about 
-ways to keep an organized girl happy in an unorganized activity, and also some 
-knowledge about organic cotton.

Hope your having a great hair day!
Your doll,

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