Thursday, January 6, 2011

So very proud of..

                       Two men I am so Very proud of at this moment!
My brother. He's left roofing and is now working at Rose International as an I(formation) T(echnology) Recruiter. Dustin has always been a people person, so I don’t know why he hasn’t been in a work environment that deals with people everyday…kinda seems like a no brainer. Hey, atleast we’re on track now! So excited for his health now! Following that ~ he’s lost a ton of weight by cutting out soda, fast food, sweets, and eating dinner earlier. Very inspiring! 

Especially since I did nothing But eat sweets, eat late, and other bad-for-me-things....excessivly...during the holidays.

Hhaaaaa... still dreaming about all that chocolate!
I mean it's just so tricky when they're dressed up like little snowmen!


 Christiano. Many people might not know this, but he is quite an artist! This First Friday artwalk, some of his work will be showcased at Lemon Drop on commercial street. Please come by and see! Art, Street, Art! info here.
Whistlin' & Sketchin!

My first watercolor from my favorite talented!
Come by and see his work Friday January 7, 2011

Hope you all have had a great day!

Your Doll,

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