Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Getting Distracted...

I found my favorite soy milk ... which forced me to buy brownies. 
So now I'm baking them and licking the spatula. 
Wow, it's seriously difficult it was to take photographs of things in the oven, especially at night, but I found out I have a panaorma setting on this thing. 
I never knew why people who had a panorama app went so ape shucks, but now I clearly do. 
here's my second pano pic ever.. 

I said shut the fog horn up. 

Should it be embarrassing to admit that I'm super duper excited to take pictures of Mardi Gras on C-st with this new found excitement?!

Any who, I'm finally recovered from staying up all night making stuff  a few nights ago and well, I just can't do that like I used to. I mean it really kicked my butt. I feel old.

Well I was going to post this last night. and those brownies have long been done and indulged. Today I think I'll work on some designs before I have to retreat to the place of labor. 

Hey look at these chocolate worlds. 
Having the windows open has just made my week. 

Hope you're Wednesday is as sweet as Splenda

 Yo Doll,

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