Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bike Ride

While I should have been working on my finishing touches for the collection, I decided to go on a bike ride. Sometimes, you just gotta get out and enjoy the weather when you can, you know? 

Here's the deal with my bike's life..
I was given this bike from a wonderful friend. 
It sat in the hallway all winter, and ended up having a flat tire. Christiano fixed that for me and now I can give this wonderful little thing life again! 
Master Tire Pumper Upper
At first, I was pretty intimidated by it because I can't reach the ground when I'm on it...thus making it really hard to get going... and making for some really ungraceful landings. But I'm determined to not let this gift go to waste. 

I had many break throughs.
Newest Trick
This is me using the curb to get started. This only works when I'm going against traffic and the curb is on my left side. I figured out that I can just use the wall when I need to hop on from the right. I have to hold the breaks tight and then remember to let them go when I want to take off. Sounds silly, but you have no idea how many times I fell off because I just kept squeezing the breaks! 

One time I was leaning against a fence and the sound of me moving the fence woke up four ginormous dogs that all came running at me and barking... Ferociously! It brought back really bad memories of being terrified as a child. That same fear when you run out to the car at night and you feel like someone's going to be under it waiting to grab your ankles. Pure fear got me peddling harder that time. 
Yay for baskets!
After all that trauma though. I like it. I had to blow a spider off my arm. A bug landed on my glasses and I felt like a nerd. I got to smell honeysuckle in the air. Stop signs don't apply when there's no cars. At one point I just gazed off and felt the wind against me. 
Inner leg protector aka head wrap from the trunk of my car
Here's to having a hurt tuckus and feeling free! Cheers!

psst... my first giveaway is coming soon... stay tuned!

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