Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I started a caffeine detox Sunday. I slammed my last Americano right before I walked into Jury (a panel of industry judges come in to critique our collections and ultimately decide what passes to go onto the runway.) It was good. (the Americano and Jury for that matter)

Why? Well I always drink coffee, but for the past four weeks, I've almost become a little espresso bean. Sometimes, you know, you just feel the need to restart, clean it up, cleanse. However, that's not always fun.. and definitely not as fun as a quad Americano... definitely not. I digress.

Day One: Woke up with a headache and took some Advil. 
Day Two: Really wanted a coffee.. drank a flat Sprite instead. 
Day Three: (Today) Really not doin all that bad. 
haha! just kidding. I had to be awake enough to take the picture duh!

Worst part: I'm tired...at like 1:00 in the afternoon and I've got stuff to do. That's hard. 

I do have to say I've done much better than I thought I would. I spent six hours in the dark room today without a lick of caffeine and I didn't fall over.
My favorite photo from the dark room today...Meet Mona

So now I guess I just have to decide how long this detox needs to last. I've been drinking lots of water and telling myself that will wake me up. 

I would like to go a whole day with the same amount of energy I have when I am drinking coffee.  I haven't really set a length of time on this detox, but I didn't get a headache today :)

Are you doing any kind of a detox right now? If so, why, and how's it working for you?

 Anyways, I'm hoping to get together all my Natural Fabric Dyeing notes soon and make a conclusion post to my whole project. Just what I learned and what I'd do different. 

Thank you for reading!

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