Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Dresses-Seriously Simple... & Sustainable!

Recently, I've been working on a lot of alterations for some extra cash and it has inspired me to do a slew of alterations on some of my own garments. I did finish them, like I mentioned and turned the all in. While I have a break between jobs I decided I wanted to tackle some of my own.

Some of them are really great because I can take a dress, make it shorter and then take the excess and make a skirt out of it. 

This is how the dress was originally. I don't actually mind the length, but I thought it was a little bit of an older look. I'd wear it to work if I were a teacher. I think it would make a good school outfit with the right accessories. weird, I might actually be a teacher soon.
 My first result. A cute, comfortable jumper.
All I had to do was surge and hem the bottom. I did a double topstitch to stay consistent with the rest of the garment. 
This is a skirt made from the excess I cut off. It was already hemmed, so all I did was add some 1/2" elastic to the top and turn it under and BAM, skirt made. 
I'm excited to wear these pieces out doing everyday things. Summer brings challenges for my wardrobe because I don't really like to wear shorts and pants are too hot. I live in skirts and dresses so the more I can have the better.

Oh did I mention I bought this dress for only 1 dollar at a thrift store!
That's .50 cents per garment. 

And it's sustainable. This garment was someone's trash. Their loss, my win!

Good day.

 Here are a few more I've simply shortened into cute dresses.
(I didn't take before photos of these, but they were both ankle length dresses)

I shortened the sleeves on the first one along with the hem and I love the way the second one fits. It was a perfect find. I feel so patriotic in the red white and blue dress and the should pads make it feel like something official is about to happen. :)

Both these dresses were only a dollar too! Isn't thrift shopping Amazing?

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my simple alterations. Can you guess where these photos were taken? If you have any further questions on how I did these please email me. I'd love to help! They're super easy and fast and with a little extra work you could even do them without a machine. :) 
Thanks for reading!

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