Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Serious Butterflies

Remember this?

Well I'm still goin' strong on the application process, and it's getting really exciting. For a while it consisted of running all over town gathering documents and finding out useful bits of information after I needed it.  It was quite exhausting for a while....but I know it would be worth it. :)

A few nights ago I had a skype interview from Korea with a man named Albert. He was very nice... but very un-telling and very neutral.
 hmm. I feel like there's better word to describe this, but let's just say after every answer I gave him, his reply was a look down and an "Um hmm. Ok." Those little "Um hmm's" raced through my mind the rest of the night. I can't believe how anxious I was! My stomach was flipping! I lost my appetite.. and that never happens. I seriously can't remember a time when I couldn't eat at all. I feel so bad for those people who don't have an appetite now!

Anyways, I received this yesterday and almost broke out in tears of happiness.

I really wanted to take a screenshot of me and Albert on my Skype interview for you guys but Albert and I never got to that place where it would be comfortable for me to ask that like a buddy ol pal.

This is exactly what I did to Christiano when I read it.
Ok maybe a little a lot more excited than this, but you get the point :)

I am so excited! Even though I passed the interview, I still don't have the job yet... I have to turn in all my final documents (I need to edit a few things and will be waiting on mail for awhile) and then the Korean government has to decide if they want to accept or decline my application. If they like me then I'm in like slim jim!!! What? Anyways, just thought I'd give you a quick Korea update. Imagine how fun it would be to blog about my Korea experience.. ahhh!

Hope you have a lovely day. I'm knocking out a to do list :)

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