Monday, August 22, 2011


Two nights ago I worked a party at The Savoy for their 1 year anniversary. The Savoy is here on C-st. They give dancing lessons and it's also an event center. Super beautiful inside. 
I handed out Big Momma's sandwiches and brownies... yea brownies still warm from the oven. I had the most popular table in the house.
(hard to see, but those are nearly empty trays of sandwich quarters)
But then something amazing happened after all the dancing and eating was drawing to a close. Bella Donna (only my favorite local band ever) started playing the song from Triplets of Belleville (only one of my favorite movies ever). It was so much fun!
This is when I experienced synchronicity.
What's that mean? Well it's defined as this:
I found this moment in time to be pretty cool. It was a perfect close to a long day of sewing. It's weird how things happen, you know?
Just thought I'd share. Be on the look out for something magical to happen to you this week!

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