Thursday, November 25, 2010

To be FREE

FREE to me:

Is running outside my door when it's pouring, gushing rain out, opening my wingspan, pressing my heart to the sky and feeling the cold, dropping rain fall on me.

Free to me:

Is being able to find balance in day to day life. Finding happiness in everything I do. Finding peace through stressful situations and being Free to Live.

FREE to me:

Is not about a price tag, but more about a mentality.  The fact that we are driving our own lives and that we are Free, bound by nothing other than ourselves, to do whatever we want in and with our lives. Free to be on our own and Free to be strong.

To my friends and who find it hard to be Free, who feel tied down, who feel strained by the weight of school, sig other, work, or family... my only wish for you is that one day you will be...

Your Doll,

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