Monday, December 13, 2010

What better way to get to know me than looking through my purse...

I remember watching my mom growing up. She would take out a towel, lay it across the bed and completely dump out her purse. Gum, tick-tacs, receipts, would all come pouring out. I learned later in life, after I had an actual need for a purse, that this unscheduled, every-once-in-a-while cleaning was necessary. Sometimes I find myself doing this often, and sometimes it's just plain necessary that I empty something out.
I start feeling the need for this itch when my bag is either

a. too heavy to lift with one arm while simultaneously unlocking the door,
b. I can't find my keys (for an excessively long amount of time)
c. I can't find an 8 1/2" x 11" paper that is only folded in half.

Well, today was that day. I realized as I was sitting on the couch, while I should be doing other things, that what you have with you in your purse says a lot about what is current in your life.
And sometimes you find not-so-current items which was time.

Here's what I found:

"Really? Every single big eraser I own all in one spot? Now that's not the point....Can we say I've been sketching flats lately?
Fabric swatches and I'm happy to say that's all the trash I had in there. But trust me.. I know fabric swatches and trash do not go in the same pile.

A girl on the go can never have enough to-go spoons. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a can of soup all warmed up and not a spoon in sight...again, trust me.

I also found some very beloved missing items like my eyebrow pencil. There I said it, I love my eyebrow pencil. Also shown here is:
extra long bobby pin
fleece ear warmer, and mittens ("You mean to tell me you've had extra gloves this whole time?" "Uh, yea, we're in the Rockies mwa hahaha)
Box Tops for a lucky school of my choice
NY Times National page...But it's usually the Style Page
and of course,
hand-lotion for that winter-y skin.

I know going to S. Korea right now to teach English might not sound like a great idea to you... but it sure does to me! Getting ready to tackle this application process starting soon!

My pretty, little new flash drive with all kinds of space! It's in much need a large, unmistakable key chain. If I lost this... I might have to drop everything, go home and do yoga at that instant.
I rarely leave home without these
One of the books I'm trying to read right now. I often have a hard time staying with one book, and even finishing them. (I just can't stay focused on one thing that long) Found out today she practices yoga...I knew I liked her :)  To the Springfield Greene Library: Thank you for letting me re-check this even though I've already check it out twice, and had a months worth of late fees. It's unharmed, and in safe hands, I promise. I just need the time to read it :)

Well that's really about it, other than the obvious... wallet, emergency sewing bag and chap stick. 
What are you carrying?

Your Doll,

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