Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loves as of now

Here are some new items that I found exciting. They could make great gifts, but for me, they're just plain fun..
These adorable little coin purses, made out of silicone rubber. Sturdy and Recyclable. From haniboi, a product designer and illustrator based in London.

Sailing Salt and Pepper Shakers
"Memory of Falmouth"
Can be found here
Infinite USB
Great for a tech-lover, but maybe for you too! Never worry about running out of USB ports again!
Read more here

Magica Chair
I thought these were so fun, I'd love to do a photo shoot with one of these as a prop!
To see more of Davide Conti's designs go here

Could shipping packages be any more fun at this moment? I love it! Much better than the printed duct tape I've seen recently.

'Hand Made'

Children have been entertaining themselves by making shadow shapes for thousands of years. A source of light and a playful impulse and – hey presto! – magical characters are literally projected onto the wall. We love the idea that anyone can make something ‘by hand’. Even if you’re not great at drawing or painting you can still explore your creative side, making animals with your own hands. It takes practice to get it right, but trying is as much fun as succeeding. In 'Hand Made' these natural world images come together in a pleasing pattern, designed to engage and amuse the child who is surrounded by it.
From here
I just think this is so much fun :)

Peter Callesen
I mean seriously?
All his work is done with only one sheet of paper
It's amazing, check out A4 Papercut and more here
And for my favorite of all... the Fish Hotel!
Almost tempted to buy one,
and you can here
I hope you enjoyed seeing all these new, fun products as much as I did. A lot of them are Eco-friendly, as are their designers, which makes me even happier to show them to you. Stay tuned for more.

Yo Doll,

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