Monday, December 13, 2010

Model Call

I'm on the stalk for some beautiful, mature and strong women around Springfield to model an all-natural /organic line in the Missouri State Spring 2011 Fashion Show. Please send me an email if your are interested. It's a great opportunity if you think you've got what it takes!
My only request is that you vow to be reliable, and stick through it with me till the end! So if you're honest to your planner, head my way!

Characteristics that really make me weak at the knees..
-long hair-
-wears little to no makeup-
-can walk in heels-
-any race-
-good energy-
(sorry guys, not today)

My original inspiration for my ideal model, however, the grey hair is not mandatory...even though I love it... I don't expect to find enough models, nor do I expect you to dye.

Even if this isn't for you... know any friends or hot mamas? Send em my way..pretty please

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