Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Day

It's been way too long.

But this blizzard has brought some unexpected time and I'm going to spend that working from home and writing to you.

To Do List for Today:

-dye RED! My madder root came in and I'm excited to have a new color. It's kinda weird having ordered madder root for dyeing.. it's like it's a guaranteed color... which is an oxymoron when it comes to natural dyeing it seems. I'm skeptical, but this has to work, right?

-draft my cape pattern and make my muslin (trial-run garment out of basic fabric that's close to the same weight of my actual, future cape) for a fitting.

-organize my fabrics yet again for the collection. I've added a few and I might change a few around... nonetheless I'm feeling a little scattered and I don't like it.

-clean the studio and my room!

-take care of a sick little bear that's snowed in with me...however, he's not sick enough to refrain from challenging me in a tickle fight?

Ok I'm off to get my fabrics straight and play with some dyeing! 
Might go play in the blizzard later

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