Thursday, February 17, 2011

Iris Roots

Yesterday my sweet teacher brought me this grocery sack full of Iris roots! Wooo Hooo! 
Straight from the field, covered in dirt

Gave 'em a good rinse

Put 'em in the pot and let 'em do what they do

hmm not the green I had hoped for...

They're still siting in there.. on the stove.. soaking. Not sure what to do with it. I don't need any more yellow, and I really need a green. I researched last night on greens and well.. there's really not much information on the topic. Bummer.

I did read that I can (possibly) achieve green by doing an indigo dye bath, dry and then another in a yellow bath. I'm considering it, but I'm kinda running out of time. I'm coming to a stand still on my collection until I can get my fabrics nailed down. It would take a week for the indigo to come in the mail and at least two nights to dye.

 What to do? What to do?

Any suggestions?

Aside from dyeing.. today is a B-e-a-utiful day! I have all the windows in the studio open, a fresh pot of coffee, listening to a new pandora station Massive Attack thanks to a suggestion by Miss April, and baking cookies! Whoa! Oh and I'll be in the dark room later today! What a Thursday! 

Hope you're week is going great!
Your Doll,

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