Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gillioz Tribute

Alright dolls and gents, just wanted to share a photo I developed earlier today that made me really happy. After I was done doing all that I could of the required assignment, I still had some time to play. I've been wanting to try out this idea I had of exposing the paper to one negative, then switching the negative and exposing a different image over it. I'm positive I'm not the first to try this, but it was a first for me and it made me really excited. Today, the stars aligned and I had the extra time and negatives worthy of this sugary goodness. 
Cool huh? 

So as many of you Springfielder's may know, the Gillioz is in foreclosure. I'm not an expert on the situation but I know they have X amount of days to raise enough money to keep the doors open. And if not, well who knows that will happen. All I know, is it is an absolutely beautiful space and seems to be a major piece of the heart of downtown Springfield. 

I really hope they are able to raise enough money from the Save the Gillioz Fund. And since I don't have enough to donate, I just wanted to help get the awareness out in a small way hoping possibly I could help.

This image has a double purpose. Never a bad thing.

I'm off make some hard fabric decisions (yep I take fabric very seriously), possibly work on some patterns, and then get lost in the two magazines that came in the mail.  I leave you with some pictures Christiano and I took after class today in this delicious weather!

Thank you so so much much for reading!....yea, you're right that was a double "much" for you.
You know, the longer you look at "much" the funnier of a word it becomes.
ps. did you see that sweet bun I was able to get my hair into today? That's the first bun in almost a year...a year. Proud hair day. 

Yo Doll,

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