Friday, April 1, 2011

First Time Gailey's Go-er

in a lil jon voice...."whhaatt! You mean to tell me you've lived in Springfield how long and you've never been to Gailey's?" 
This is basically what I said to Christiano when I realized what this breakfast lover had yet to discover.. oh, hey, yea! lover had yet to discover.. ha! 
Snug As A Bug In A Rug
From our booth
Can't take credit for this photo. This is all Christiano. I would imagine if he were to add a caption to this one he'd say, "purdy dang good." I would agree. 

I guess the lesson of this post is.. if you' haven't been to Gailey's before, get on up and go! I like The Executive.. hey don't judge me. I'm a hungry girl. Not that you were anyways. I'm just talking to myself here after all.. oh I like the Michelle too. 

Hey you have a good April fools day. 
Another kitten shot because I can't get enough.


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