Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kittens and Kiddos

just wanted to share some of my favorite recent photos of things that basically made my day...

I got to spend some time with these two hams during a fitting earlier this week. I loved their energy! It was like a refresh button in the middle of my long day of being in the studio. You know what I mean?

Look at this little baby girl.. her name is Gladys. My roommate brought her home the other day. Can I say I'm a proud aunt?
She's beyond adorable and I don't care if you aren't a cat person, this flufferball is enough to make anyone squeal. She's only 10 weeks and still a little clumsy. She's still figuring out the layout of the house, what she can jump through, and what she can jump on. She's had a few bumps here and there and she seems to like all my fabric scraps lying around. 

Who doesn't need them some kitten and kiddo action? yea? yea. 

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