Thursday, April 21, 2011

Senior Collection...

I'm so excited to show you these...finally. I spent some time editing photos and one lonnngg day in the dark room. Hope you like...
ps. I'm announcing the Giveaway winner at the end :)
These are just a few of my revised sketches.


Baby Spice
Waiting to go on for rehearsal
Back Stage
Hair and Make-up... Thank you to all the stylists, everyone did a wonderful job! 
There you have it, my girls. 
I'm so in love with this picture
Interview with Laura
My dresses on the runway!
So happy to have found her!
So happy to have found all of them!

The following are some of my favorite prints from the darkroom.
(For the rest of the photos)

The winner is Lindsey! Please email your address at Thanks for entering!

Have a great night! I'm off to go dancing!

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