Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm babysitting the most adorable love bug tonight. 
His name is Kippling and he's a miniature schnauzer. ahhhh they have my heart!
Kippling (Kipper doodle) is a foster puppy from the Boxer-Schnauzer Rescue of the Ozarks. Connie from TAME Pet Magazine is his foster parent and she is letting me spend some quality time with Kippling tonight.
Look at that face.
When he runs only his right ear flops and he has the cutest behind!
This is us taking a break on his walk tonight. 
If you're interested in adopting or have questions, please contact Connie
Kippling was found as a stray. Still, he's so kind, potty trained and doesn't bother you when you eat food. He doesn't bark much and needs a loving home. Even though I love every minute, I can't help but to feel bad for him being here. I don't want him to keep wondering if this is the place he'll stay for a long time and then it changes. He has good spirits nonetheless. I kinda love him already. I can hear him dreaming as he's sleeping on my leg keeping it warm right now :)I can tell he misses Connie. She's such an amazing pet lover. She's found good homes for nearly 20 rescues. She's kind of a saint right? 

Christiano calls him Keeper, isn't that cute? It works though.  

Good night lovely people.
In loving memory of Pepper Creed

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