Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now Available-Cleanse Me Spring 2011

I don't know how else to say this, but my garments are being sold at Red Velvet and I really want you to go check them out tell your friends, and maybe even buy something. Here are some shop photos
This is the newest edition to the Cleanse Me Spring 2011 Collection. 
 It's a crop top made from the lacey knit and soy organic cotton jersey. The knit is the raw color and the jersey is dyed with walnuts. The trim (which is hard to see in the photo) in the middle of the shirt is cotton and dyed with madder root. 
I even made a little tube top to go under it so you don't have to worry about finding the right piece to go with it.
I'm really excited to be in Red Velvet. (211 E. Commercial St - Tuesday-Saturday 12-7)  Elsie, the owner, has been an admirable role model for me these past few months and is also a huge inspiration for this blog so it's really an honor to be recognized in her store. These are my first garments under my new brand MOMENTUM so that's really exciting too! If nothing else, just go in there and to shop vintage and handmade. They have the cutest geeky glasses there right now. I am in love with these...
I had absolutely way too much fun finding a way to take photos of these sunglasses. All the photos underneath are from July 2011 W Magaine "Listen Up"
Thank you for your support!

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