Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Night Live!

I mentioned last week that I went to Thursday Night Live in Jefferson City. It was so much fun walking downtown seeing familiar faces. Definitely good vibes all around. My friends and I started out at Tiki Hut, a nice restaurant with couches to sit down on in front. They're usually playing music outside too. Then we walked to the actual event where the streets were closed off,
bought our 2.00 cups and mingled. 
This is a hand woven basket made by artist Lana Dawson. She was the only artist with a booth there and while she had many beautiful paintings behind her, I was drawn to take a photo of this basket. I like Lana's paintings because she likes to mix fashion and art together. Makes complete sense to me!
I would like to see more booths set up for people to sell their merchandise. All types of craftsmanship!
Awesome is the only word I can use to describe this school bus I immediately spotted once I got there. Curious to what all the hype was about, I stuck my head in to see kids dancing and lots of bright, colored lights. 
Pretty much love this photo
If you're in the area I really hope you make the trip downtown to be a part of the event. There's live music and chairs to rest in. You can bring you own too! You can even walk around outside with your drinks if you buy a wristband (2.00). That right there is reason enough right? I think this only lasts through June and I heard this week they're having a Motorcycle Ride In.  It's really nice to see the downtown area coming to life so it's fun to be a part of it. 
Here are more of my favorite photos from that night...
Have a great Thursday! Thanks for reading

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