Monday, August 15, 2011

A pegged skirt kind of week...

Ok so I've been debating in my mind about doing outfit posts. You know, a post solely based on what I'm wearing that day. I've said no for while, even though I enjoy seeing other bloggers outfit posts, I feel conceited placing myself in the same position. But you know what? Today, I thought about it some more and I'm just going to. I mean, it is kinda what I do. Fashion and all, that is.

I have a lot of fun getting dressed. I think about garments all day long. So why not?

Most days I'll wear what I want and what feels good, but I also want other people to like it... or maybe they don't, but I want it to be interesting. Most days.

  I believe we dress for other people as much as we dress for ourselves.

What I wore...
I found this skirt last summer and I still love it. I'm a sucker for pegged skirts, but sometimes they don't work on me. This one always works, I feel. Plus the print and color are really fun. I paired it with my mom's pink striped shirt to play with patterns. And I usually don't go for a matchy-matchy shoe, but I just felt like it this day. I swear I walked out of the house with this skirt on three times last week. Not this exact pairing, but I get obsessive sometimes and this skirt was my most recent victim.

Oh I almost forgot. I LOVE this door! It's my favorite door ever! It only makes sense that my first outfit post be in front of it :)

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