Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Places in Springfield Part 2

Hi again!
Came back for part two I see? Yeeaaa! hey, thanks.

Ok so let's get on with it because I'm really excited about these places.

6. Soo's Korean
(3644 S. Campbell)
You. Just. Gotta. Go
 Sooooo Good. (did any one get that? eh yea, I know it was cheap)

7. Sewing Machine's Express
(3650 S. Campbell)
I love these ladies. They're all so nice and helpful. They always fix my machine :)
Oh and did you notice how close they are to Soo's? A coincidence? I think not. They saw me comin'. Hook line and sink 'er!

8. The Moxie
(431 S. Jefferson #108)
 Ok you've seen the logo, but have you been?
We don't go here often enough, but that makes each time we do go really special. I like the cozy theaters and the fact you can order a beer here. Oh yea, and the independent films. :)
9. Akins Natural Foods
(1344 E. Battlefield)
yea, mama jeans is cool and all, but I love Akins. As things run out, I'm slowly purchasing more and more natural products for my home. The staff really knows their stuff and I appreciate that. (this is not solely a Springfield treasure; it's a chain. But, it totally makes the cut and had to be on this list. Plus, I've never been to another one, therefore they do not exist. Kidding)
These are two things that are on my Akins Wish List:
 Cast Paper: You send a card to someone, they plant the card, flowers bloom. Bam! Amazing.
 Bach Oils: Still learning about them, but they seem like a nice alternative to medicine.

10. Japanese Stroll Gardens
(2400 S. Scenic Dr)
 So beautiful, so serene. I love going here to see the wonderful landscaping and feed coy fish.  Does anyone know if the meditation garden is complete yet?
Seriously, out of all my favorites, if you haven't been here you really need to go. It is exquisite. Absolutely Lovely.

So that wraps my Top Ten Favorite Places in Springfield up! If you missed it, you can go here to see Part 1
If you're not living here, I hope you can make it this way and stop by to enjoy some of these establishments. I visit them all the time and they really make my living experience a lovely one. 

Thanks for coming to see my favs!

 Happy Days!

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