Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspiration Overload

These past few days I've been really inspired by nature, love and of course my magazines.

I just realized it's Monday again and I'm finding myself seriously stoked about new things I've found. This could be a trend?
Butterflys are always special.
The plant might be a weed, but I think they're quite beautiful.
I love the way this fades to pink and I'm absolutely dying over the speckles of dark pink in the petals.
The shade was bliss today. Thank you, trees.
This is at the nature center
(my mom and dad at the zoo)

New ads ruled my Ripping Pages marathon tonight. I found a few other things but these ones excited me the most :)
Ah, I want to feel this fabric so bad.. Looks amazing.
 I'm loving the wide seam allowance for the topstitches. It definitely works for this weight. 
This just made my day. 
New Marc Jacobs ad. I always love the photography and I love her two different gloves. 
Someone said she was panting like a dog, but I think she's a magic half of a body that's hissing in a crackled voice trying to crawl out of a table. And thats the magic of a photo...

I have so much more to share with you! I'll be back soon with more beautiful things from my weekend. 
Thanks for reading.

Have an inspiring Monday,

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