Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Windows Open...

I'm feeling inspired by the summer solstice and being very productive today.
I've been in the studio all day, except for the break I took to mosey on my bike for a bit. I'm finally getting comfortable enough to just stroll, relax and look at the cute houses around here. All the windows are open in the studio and I'm listening to the construction going on outside. 

Today's todo list
-work on my application
-drape a shirt I've been dreaming about

What's on your to do list? 

Personal Productivity Tip:

If you work from home, I always feel like it's easier to get things done if I get dressed up for the occasion. I even put on heels if I know my neighbors downstairs aren't home. 
Today I'm having fun with black & white. 

Hope you're feeling productive too,

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