Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's In My (Scissor) Bag

I thought it would be fun to share with you all that I'm carrying in my new bag. I've remembered why I love big bags in the past two days, you can carry a ton of stuff! Along with carrying a ton of stuff comes a lot of countless minutes searching for items like keys, chapstick, phone etc, so I've busted out some of my older, smaller coin purses to help organize. 
We'll see how long this "organization" lasts...
1. TESOL Course Homework. I bought this binder for .69 tonight to keep me organized. Do you think I'll have problems finding it?
Christiano said he'll draw something on it for me because I don't like how boring it is :) I'll be sure to show you later. 

2. Two articles that caught my eye this week from The Wall Street Journal. 
I thought this was so adorable and charming
While I might not agree with the numbers they show, however, I do appreciate the effort to educate about the cost of garments. I think anything production related is cool so I will still keep the article.

3. Wallet, nuff said

4. New favorite sunnies from Red Velvet

5. Graduation card. Love these things! This one specifically is from my old neighbor. : )

6. The sacred sewing bag. Never leave home without it. (or at least not when I have a bag that can hold it)
7. Everyday bag. This is where the real reason for these little bags come into play. This is just stuff I need and also the stuff that causes chaos. 
(Side Note: I'm one of those people who just attract biters, and this summer an extreme case. If you're like me, stay tuned. Soon, I'll be posting some of my favorite natural products and remedies that work for me. The one shown is not natural and I try not to use it that much, but it's good for desperate times. Hopefully I can help you a little bit, because trust me, I know these bites are a real difficulty)

8. Camera Case

9. Dye for a new project.. usually would use natural dyes, but sometimes you gotta give into restrictions.

10. Favorite Coin Purse
11. Butcher's Twine. Random Right? Hung some photos with it earlier.

12. Lastly, lots and lots of lists!

I probably could have broke this post up, but I'm on a roll this morning! I hope you have a lovely day and enjoyed peeking into my bag. I think it's much improved from my last edition.  :)

Thanks for reading!

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Lindsey said...

Ur so fun Missy! I loooove ur bag and big purses!!! It makes me happy to know others love to keep randoms in their big bags too! :-)

peace & love,