Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have you heard?

  Jute is the most sustainable fiber, like, ever.
Ok so I checked out this book, AwareKnits, from the library and I'm flipping out about it.
I don't even knit.
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 Here's the dish: After each knitting project it highlights a different Eco related product, idea or practice. Just to name a few topics... "The Scoop on Organic Wool,"Is Silk Eco-Friendly and Sustainable?" and even touches on reflexology, but the one that caught my attention the most is the section on Jute.

Did you know that Jute consumes more CO2 and releases more oxygen than trees?

I repeat, releases more oxygen than trees!

And if that's not enough, its biodegradable, durable and the most inexpensive of all the vegetable fibers.

My friend is getting married and as I strolled through the wedding registry I couldn't decide on what I wanted to get her (because this is about me) ...until I saw she had a Jute Rug listed. CHA CHING!
(but really, a gift should always be personable even if it is from a registry, you know?)
I felt good about giving her Jute. :)

This is me at her shower.
 I sat by the dessert table. That's where you can find me during most parties that include desert tables.  Just an FYI.

So what is Jute you ask? The plant itself looks like this
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And the fiber itself comes from the stem of the plant. Fibers like these are called "bast" (pronunciation: short "A") fibers. Ahhh. Dr. Starr (textiles teacher) would be so proud if she read this.

I use butcher's twine a lot; it just comes in handy. But, now I'm basically hunting for any occasion so I can finish the spool and excuse myself to buy a spool of Jute twine. I can't wait! I just can't justify buying a new spool when I still have a perfectly good one.. even if it is in the name of Jute.

So.. you can buy this book here
and you can email me to talk nerdy fiber stuff here
and you can see more natural products I love here

I love Jute!

Have a great day!

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