Friday, July 8, 2011

Successful Craft Night!

While I should be doing my homework, I think I'll share with you a bag I made last night with my friend Jamie during our craft night. I love it!

My brain is fried anyways, couldn't sleep last night, had to be at work at 9 and then came home and worked on alterations. I just can't think anymore.. 
Without further ado....
I found this DIY and I absolutely loved it. I thought about using old time glasses too, but then I said, "Nah, I don't have to." Now I want to make a ton of bags with different sewing notions! I chose scissors because I feel like I'm very close to mine and I love them.

I love one-night bags. They make me happy.

I really want to do another, the question is, will I have time/energy one night to do this again. 
If so, would you like to see a tutorial
(not just on the printing, which I did change a bit, but on the bag too!) 

I don't have photos of Jamie's creation (sad face)  but I will be sure to show them to you in... like a month. Ok maybe not that long, but possibly. It's an installment for her new place she's moving into in August. It's so cute! (insert happy face!)  I can't wait to show you. Maybe I'll just have her take pictures with it. Is the anticipation drilling at you and making you bite your fingernails? I knew it. Well, stop that.. there are a lot of germs under those things. 

Ok I'm off to ramble somewhere else. Do you like my new bag?
Thanks for reading!

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