Monday, July 18, 2011

Word: Magnificent

You know how sometimes you have so-so weeks, and then you have really good weeks, and then you have seriously magnificent weeks?
I do!! (hand raised)

It starts with a bike ride...
Baking Perfect cookies.. with a capital P.
Baking Ooey Gooey -Berry- Butter Cake
Fresh flowers in the studio
Fresh flowers everywhere!
Soo's Korean.. oh my gahh. 
yea, I said it.
Photos that crack me up... 
I call this one "Baby Boomer's Search for Tip Calculator on Foreign Technology"
I call this one "Caution: Tight Jeans Cause Exhaustion
Dishes that are 90% Feta Cheese!
Hearing that people love my garments and that Grace is rockin' her skirt!
Seeing bags in stores that I helped work on at Yak Pak (I interned here!) 
Spotted at Hasting's.
New obsession.. Pinterest. Seriously.
 Find me if you're pinning too! 
And the best news of all... This handsome boy is getting adopted on Tuesday!!!! I get to baby sit him one more night.. take him to the vet for a booster shot and then he gets to go home with his new family from Joplin. I'm so happy for Mr. Kipper!!!

I watched a documentary the other day and the people in it were from England. They kept saying the word "Magnificent." And of course, in that british accent it sounded.. well, magnificent. It's been running through my brain all week. I think it's a lovely word.

So anyways, I hope you have a magnificent week, you dashing thing you!
Thanks a bunch for checking in on me!

I just realized nearly 30% of what I consider to be a wonderful week revolves around food that I'm excited enough about to photograph. ha! 


my messy girlfriend said...

:) your post made me smile:D..
such a lovely feeling when everything seems to work out so well:)...
i wish you a lot more magnificent weeks...:)

Missy said...

Thank you, Ginella. I wish you the same :)