Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Time Photo Thing #2

I started this photo installment on Sponge Doll a bit ago and I'm so excited to share these next few photos with you.

This is one of the millions of beautiful memories I shared with my bestie, Erin. 
We had picked up some food from our favorite food vendor (yes we made a solid relationship with a food vendor within a few days) and were taking a rest to chow. While we were sitting on the steps of Broadway, where Chicago is currently playing, we saw the cutest woman walk out of her home. As I was admiring her dress, we watched as she was helped across the street by the hostess from the restaurant she lives above. 
She moved slow as molasses. It was really cute.
It's little things like these that are so refreshing to see.

I wonder what she was up to that day. 
And why she crossed just to plop down on some dirty steps. 
I will always love this memory.

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Thanks for taking a peek!

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